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Swimming | Reaction Light Systems

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Our Reaction Lights are now publically for sale!

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The Swimming Reaction Lights starting system is a great advancement in helping to create fast times!

Mark Celecki

Varsity Swim Coach, Holland Patent Central School District

USA Deaf Swimming

As Seen in USA Today

With our successful early release systems we have met all requirements for NCAA, NFHS and USA Swimming organizations, read all about how the sport is changing because of us!

Release Announcement

With our successful test meets, we are proud to bring the Reaction Light System into production!

Reaction Lighting System (RLS) is manufactured by Reaction Light Systems of New York, LLCTM and has three different lights signifying responses from the swimmers:

Generation 6 – Current Model when used with Swimming

The sequencing present in this generation lighting is:

  • Off – No Action Required
  • Red flashing lights illuminate along with the “Swimmers on the Block” command
  • Blue lights illuminates on opposite facing sections along with the “Take your Mark” command
  • Green lights illuminates for go, when triggered or integrated with your starting system

Additionally, this system uses the entire lighting rail rather than an outside to inside panel groupings

Unlike our previous models several new features and capabilities are being enabled.  More to come.

The Reaction Lighting System can be hardwired or obtained with a wireless remote depending on your needs.

Unique color coding allows for different responses.  These light colors have been approved through several competitive districts and comply with many existing swimming regulations.  It will improve support for ADA dependent swimmers where hearing may not be easily accomodated.

Outside of all this, when you train to light rather than sound, you can gain the competitive edge when hundredths of seconds matter!

Patent Pending!