Reaction Light System Deck Plates


Our Deck Plates can provide the look and feel you desire for your pool and give it a touch of school spirit.



Custom Engraved Deck Plates:

  • 7-1/2” or
  • 6” Deck Plates
  • Colored Connections with Covers
  • Limited Continuity Corrosion
  • Replace β€œany” Existing Deck Plates
  • Reaction Light System Connections
    • Light Tube – Reb, Blue, Green, White
    • Starter and Referee Connections
    • Touch Pad Activation light
  • Timing System Connections
    • Touch Pad, back-Up Buttons, relay pad, Starter, Start Light, and Speaker

Prices are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Prices require purchase of installation service


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