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Reaction Light Systems | Accelerating Accessible Athletics

How it works

The reaction light system accelerates accessible athletics.  To learn more about how it operates:


In support of the Reaction Light System, we have accessories to support all of the ancillary needs.


With your reaction light system (RLS) connected to your starting system, and configured to your start platform and athlete’s line of vision, the referee is ready to begin the event. He or she will then blow their whistle and hand signal to get ready, a red light then flashes 10 times. At the end of the flashing cycle the red light stays permanently red until the referee indicates to that official doing the starting functions to take over. If a stand up commend is necessary the referee, can reset the RLS system.


When the starting official sees that all the athletes are prepared to start, he or she will then activate their starting microphone and announces “TAKE YOUR MARK”. At that time the RED light is automatically turned off and the BLUE light is turned on and stays on until the official is ready to activate the timing system being used. Again, if necessary, the starting official can reset the RLS system and restart the race.


Upon the starting execution of the timing system by the starting official, the RLS system will also be activated within 10 one thousandths of a second meeting the requirements of the NCAA, NFHS and USA Swimming organizations. At the exact time the timing system is activated and a sounding device is triggered, the RLS system turns off the BLUE light and a GREEN light is activated and the race is started.



After the race is started, a WHITE light is activated every time a swimmer in any lane makes contact with the touch pad of the timing system.  This clearly aide’s officials when verifying turns and relay exchanges.

Bronze Package

Everything begins with our bronze package.


Package includes:

  • The Reaction Light System – 12 Lane Control Unit
  • “One” Lane Mounting Hardware
  • “One” RLS Light Tube
  • Referee Cables and Microphone
  • Starter Cables and Microphone
  • In Deck Connection Cables
  • Flag Pole Control Unit Holder
  • Start Platform Multiple Direction Light Holder and Adjustment Unit
  • “One” Touch Pad Activation Unit


They can be purchased one lane at a time or as group to fulfill the needs for every lane in the facility:

  • “One” RLS light tube
  • “One” light tube and start platform multiple direction RLS light holder and adjustment unit
  • “One” On-Deck extension cable
  • “One” Touch pad light connector unit

Costs are $750 per lane, which includes shipping.

Add the lane quantity appropriate for your pool, and if so desired, add a spare just in case.

If you want more, the system can be personalized by adding the Gold package.


Expands on Bronze, and Silver by including the personalized addition of:

  • Deck Plates for each lane
  • Custom Installation
  • On-deck training for your small group
  • 6 or 7 ½ inch deck plates, which can replace “ANY” existing deck plates
  • Custom 2 Color Engraving, with Multiple Colors to choose from
  • Colored Connections Ports, with Covers included, that prevent limited continuity corrosion
    • RLS light tube connections for Red, Blue, Green, and White sequencing
    • RLS starter and Referee connections
    • Touch pad activation light connections
  • Timing system connections compatible all major system vendors like Colorado, Daktronics, and Omega

* Travel costs will be separately invoiced

Purchase Gold to personalize your pool and get on-deck training with our aquatic specialists.

Upon selection, an added charge for installation will be included.  Travel will be separately invoiced to organization indicated on the forms you will receive by email indicated in the order process.


Additional accessories are also available for purchase, these include:

  • Last Lap Light (displayed)
  • Starter Holders & Mounts
  • Spare Lane Kits
  • Cleaning Kits
  • and, more.

As accessories are added to our list of items, they will become available in our shop.

To continue, proceed either to the shop or to your cart.